Just Another Open-ended Excerpt: Daily Word Prompt- “Pedigree”

She was top of the line, you could say. Beautiful, graceful, talented, successful, cultured, and voiced opinions praised by her admirer. She had almost everything he could have desired, and she looked up to him, as most women did. He loved this. Whether it was the distance, her career, or a fade in interest (by either side), resulted in their split, assuming there was sustenance enough in the relation to split (forgive me for my knowledge on the subject is clearly lacking), frankly I am not sure. However, I heard of this woman enough times to know their was a slight bitterness, possibly regret about it all for him, although his speeches proclaimed quite the opposite. It is possible that he still longed for her; for her sound, look, and pedigree. However up to this point it did not seem the both of them could get what they wished, whatever it was each wished for. And that is as much as I can conclude of the matter as of now.



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