Daily Word Prompt: “Retrospective”

In retrospect, I suppose I did learn something from it all. I learned how much I actually valued myself,  despite the frequent commentary I received from friends and family about my possibly low self esteem. I also realized just how much I keep trying to find my joy in earthly promises, in this case the universal promise to find someone to fall in love with and validate my worth with constant attention and gestures. I found that I am quick to neglect the commitment I made as a child to the one Love that has never left or failed me, in the face of a potential fulfillment of such promise. However, I could also argue that I am the same proud, pining, emotional wreck that I was almost two years ago, sitting in my bedroom hurt one moment and furious the next, and eventually at peace with the impending demise of my romantic relation. Nevertheless, I choose to see the lining as silver, and I will be content with the thought that as long as I have memories to look back on, and experiences to willfully learn from, I will not have steered from my divine plan and have reason yet to rejoice, (cue butterflies and chirping birds).

Daily word: Retrospective

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