There is something about the word “potential” lately that has stirred great irritation within me. The thought of an ability or internal opportunity lying dormant, slipping through my fingers and being lost has greatly aggravated me. I am not sure if it is the possibility for myself of missing out on being better, or doing better, or just becoming content with something (internal or external) that elicits a silent fear of mine that I am pridefully unwilling to face, or if I simply cannot deal with the idea of someone making a judgment that I am not doing my best, someone also including myself. And now that I’m sorting through these thoughts I wonder that it is my subconscious, silent fear telling me there is something I am neglecting, or ignoring, or afraid to tackle. One thing is for certain: my spirit is uneasy and “potential” is one of its trigger words.

I took a second to just write after a good while of not writing anything at all. Also, I borrowed the idea to use a word generator to get me started: Thanks Kelley! (Randomwordgenerator.com)


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