Daily Word Prompt: “Ceremony”

I had saved this draft of a previously offered daily word prompt, but decided I would probably never edit it enough to my liking, so here it is:

It was not the type of ceremony she had imagined attending with him. Although the ambiance was serene, it was not quite morose. She looked around them at the mourning faces of the friends and family, some with silent tears, others privately sharing blessings and anecdotes of the deceased. He placed his hand briefly on her back to signal to her that he would be stepping aside, as was customary at any occasion they attended together. She took a seat on a bench toward the back of the church and said a prayer in her head as those around her became situated.

She turned to see him conversing with a relative, and as she looked for an opportunity to go comfort him, he did not seem to posses a need of it. She could notice from her subtle glances, his knack for appropriateness in specific social situations. He was polite, lighthearted, and comforting to those around him, but he himself did not seem to benefit much from the condolences of others. Although he was a great comfort to those around him, only she could see that there was not much within him to be comforted. Her heart ached for him, not for his familial loss, but for his lack of heartache. She would be a comfort to him, she thought, even if it was in response to his disconnection, to the loss of something much greater within him. If only she had met him before, if only she had know just when his heart began to barricade itself, then maybe she could know how to comfort this greater loss.



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